We are just about to embark on our first overseas trip. The first post-Covid and the first in 2021, of course. For the last few months, we have been exploring the unknown for us areas of the Polish Republic, full of pro-PiS voters (PiS – Low & Order Party – very right-winged and nationalistic). We must admit that we were surprised by the standard of living of these PiS voters (PiS = ***) of a society that does not love him too much (*****).
Now, having twice visited the Polish Baden-Baden (better known as Busko-Zdroj), we are flying to Crete for the sake of balance.

We had a plane from Balice Airport at 7:55 a.m. Just after the border of Malopolska voivodship, we got into the rain. It accompanied us to the airport.

We left the car at „Samolocik” parking place. This place, about 1500 m away from the terminal, has very high ratings and low prices. Fourteen days cost 95 PLN.

The security check went quickly. There were unexpectedly many staff and few travellers.

Oncoming Greece can be recognized from afar by the colour of the sky. The closer to the target, the more azure it is.

Renting a car at the airport for a reasonable price is quite an art. However, we tried to find some. After hearing – having a fully covered small car for 14 day’s, we had to pay 870€00 – we jumped into a taxi and drove to the rented apartment.

SYLVIA HOME stands on one of the narrow streets of the old town. Surrounded by a high wall, the place looks brand new or newly renovated. It stands out from the rest of the street, encouragingly shining as a Greek vacation sun.
The entire property – surrounding walls; the patio, stairs plus all rooms; the windows and doors – has been painted in a regular, very light colour. Probably a shade of white. I personally associate this colour with white mixed with a few drops of British Duck Egg Blue tint. But that is not important. The important thing is that a visitor standing at the front door of this property is under the impression he has landed on Santorini, not in Heraklion. The first thing you see behind the metal door is a large patio, which connects via a staircase, the ground floor bedroom and kitchen, with the bedroom and a large partially shaded terrace upstairs.
Both small bedrooms have en-suite bathrooms and air-conditioning. However, they lack space to spread out their belongings. There is neither wardrobe nor shelves, unfortunately. Personally, it didn’t bother me, but the other three persons, yes. The biggest attraction of SYLVIA HOME is the spacious terrace prepared for eating. For us, living in a temperate climate, eating outside is a real treat. Therefore, the possibility of dining outdoors made everyone very happy.
The large kitchen on the lower level of the lodge has an air conditioning unit and, if required, a TV.
As a welcome gift, we got a quarter of Rakia. A nice gesture from the manager.

Having left our belongings in the rented apartment, we set off for a short survey. On the way, we bought something to eat for dinner and breakfast. We also saw some monuments.

When travelling in 4, you have to take into account the needs of fellow travellers. Our friends – Rude eat more often than we do. That probably is more normal, I guess. However, we only need two meals a day. They are getting 3. But that’s not a problem. When they feel a little hungry, they can buy a sandwich plus something to drink, and we are out of the problem. It would be worse if a „Big Hunger” would be involved. The travel program prepared by Wombat does not include a lunch break. Following our rules is hard work. It’s not a factory job.
There is no room for downtime and strikes.
And Rude know it.
They almost always have an alternative. That’s because Wombat’s travel plan gives our friends free rein over their time. Only a few days – those in which we change the accommodation – are excluded from this. Just because, going to a new place, we often stop to see something along the way, and we can not afford any time deviations.







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